Therapeutic Drug Monitoring – A common misconception regarding modern medicine is that a “one size fits all” dose of a drug can safely and effectively treat all patients with a particular disease. However, for many drugs, over- or under-dosing can either lead to deadly side effects or result in an ineffective treatment. Furthermore, ‘proper dosage’ can vary dramatically from individual to individual, necessitating frequent monitoring. Unfortunately for many patients, regular monitoring and adjustment of their drug regimen is prohibitively expensive and time consuming. GlucoSentient’s technology empowers the patient by providing an easy to use, affordable, and highly familiar monitoring test that can be done at home using only a glucose meter.

Disease Monitoring – For millions of diabetics and patients with previous heart complications, the risk of a subsequent myocardial infarction is significantly increased. For these patients, it has been shown that certain protein biomarkers in the blood such as C-reactive protein (CRP) and brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) are valuable markers to predict the likelihood of a cardiac event. GlucoSentient’s technology allows these high risk patients to monitor their biomarker levels at home with a simple and familiar test to complement their regular doctor visits or to prompt an earlier visit due to rising levels of the predictive biomarkers. Such proactive monitoring will encourage more heart healthy activities as well as allow patients and doctors to identify complications early, bettering lives and reducing costs.

Food Safety – Food safety is one of the most fundamental basics within our society and companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars ensuring a safe product for consumers. In an ever geographically expanding supply chain, the earlier a contaminated product is detected, the less damage is caused and significant savings can be realized. GlucoSentient’s technology can allow companies to monitor their supply chain on-location and in real-time by providing test strips that can detect trace amounts of contaminates such as bacteria, viruses or chemical contamination. The low cost of the instruments and simple tests allow each person that comes into contact with the product to ensure safety and quality, enabling quick identification, isolation, and resolution of any potential unsafe product.